A·stir (adjective) meaning in a state of excited movement.  Astir Media is about getting people excited about your business.  Marketing is a tool used to generate awareness and movement in the market place for products and services.  SEO and online media are disruptive marketing tactics and it is to the benefit of all business sizes especially small business owners.  Small business owners should be as excited as we are with SEO, SEM, Social Media and Text Marketing tactics that can grow thier business.  This type of marketing isn't as expensive as traditional marketing initiatives such as mailers, radio ads, tv commercials and bill boards.  Our courses explain why digital marketing is the future of the marketing departments in small, medium and large business.

Our primary marketing course is dedicated to SEO because it is one of the most important tactics.  Search engine optimization (SEO) will help you gain visibility on Google's search engine.  Getting on the first page of Google's search will make an immediate impact to your business and revenue growth.  Search engine optmization is truly our passion.   Business owners should hone in on the power of SEO to get more leads, sell more product and grow thier business.

We are not an agency that focuses on many different things and master none of them. We want to master SEO and want to train you to understand SEO, giving you the steps to implement for your company's benefit.