Website building course

This course will guide you through building a web site using WordPress.  The course was created for small business owners who need a cost-effective way to build a professional website.  It's meant for a novice who has no previous web design knowledge or anyone who needs a refresher course in building websites.  You will learn how to set up a WordPress template, add content to your page, and customize it for your business.  You will learn how to build a menu navigation, add content and images to your website.  I will talk you through each step as you work through the process.

After completing this course you will have created a website for your business or hobby. You will have the knowledge and skills to update and modify your website when necessary.  You will have your business online for anyone to view more information about your product or services.  This course will allow you to get your business online without paying thousands of dollars from a web development agency.  As a small business owner, you need to develop skills that will help you save on some of the operating, sales and marketing expenses.  This course will assist you in doing so.  If you have an assistant or office administrator that you would like to take the course to help with managing your website, we provide discounts for multiple people within an organization.


Who should take this beginner's website building course?

  • A person who has no experience creating websites
  • A person who would rather learn to do-it-your-self
  • A small business owner with very little budget or capital to invest in the business
  • A person without a website and want to get started
  • A person who paid for a website but would like to learn to manage it themselves
  • This course is a prerequisite for our SEO course, if you do not already have a website


Website Building 101 Course Work

  • Prepping for the course webinar
    • Setting up a website address
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Finding a WordPress Theme
  • Installing a WordPress Theme
  • Building your site navigation
  • Adding pages to your website
  • Adding contact forms to your website
  • Adding widgets to your website
  • Adding plugins and widgets to your website
  • Connecting PayPal payments to your website

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