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A vital strategic tactic to your marketing blueprint should be Search Engine Optimization, also knowns as SEO.  Search engine optimization is a gift to your business that keeps on giving.  When SEO tactics are in effective your website will repeatedly generate leads and sales for your business.  Most marketing tactics increase the visibility of your business at the time of publishing or upon payment of your advertisement. SEO continuously drives traffic to your business once in place. This course will help you understand how search engine optimization work and what you need to optimize your website.

When signing up for this course be prepared to have a working session for your business.  It is also suggested that you have an existing website to fully take advantage of this course.  If you do not have an existing website you may consider taking our Website Building 101 Course.


Who should take SEO course?

  • Website owners who want to understand SEO and how it can help their website
  • A do-it-your-self marketer
  • A small business owner with very little budget or capital to invest in the business
  • A person ready to get started with SEO


Key SEO Topics

  • No fluff concepts to help optimize your website on search engines
  • Know the difference between organic search traffic and paid search ads
  • SEO factors that help to rank you on the first page of  Google's Search Engine
  • Website Do's and Don'ts for SEO
  • Optimize your website to load quicker and why that's important
  • How to get indexed by Google's search engine as quick as possible 
  • Learn to use SEO tools to find the best and new keywords
  • Know the difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Understand backlinks and thier benefits
  • Blogging, content types and refreshing content

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