Re-write this page to be more professional.  Leave out a lot of the personal and casual information.

So to begin, I’ve been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years. I’ve consulted with corporations such as AT&T, Merck, Verizon, and Merrill Lynch (Now Bank of America). The online community is my passion and seeing it evolve from small page sites to corporate online brands to a social media hub has been a great experience. But did you know social media has been here much longer than the footprint of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn? We just didn’t term it “Social Media”. Social media is a community of people getting together online and being social under a common component or fact. For instance, in the past, have you ever joined a forum or group dedicated to answering your questions regarding topics your interested in? If so, you were engaged in social media. Any time I had a question regarding my dog, I would look things up online. After researching, I realized there were others out there with the same question or other questions regarding the same breed and we would engage in an online discussion with the use of forums. Dating sites are another example of social media that has been out there prior to the MySpace or Facebook boom. Just a couple of facts to chew on.

With so much work with online communities, it's natural to find myself engaging in podcasting and talking about subjects I fine interesting. I love to have conversations about topics I'm passionate about and hearing other opinions.  I don't expect everyone to agree with me one hundred percent of the time but that's the beauty of an engaging conversation;  To get a different prospective and broaden our view points.

Here are personal facts you probably don’t care about:

My dog - KokoaI love animals..Specifically, my dog Kokoa (pronounced like hot chocolate
“Cocoa”). I just changed the “C”s to “K”s. I felt the K gave it more
strength because Kokoa is a strong rottie. You should hear some of the
ways people pronounce her name when I take her to the Vet. Most times
they pronounce it Ca-Co-uh. Hilarious…that’s Kokoa as a young pup…I
think she was about 8 or 9 months in that pic.


Tammy Terrell and My Horse MokaI also have a horse I love dearly…His name is Moka. I named him that
because of his’s like a goldish/yellow blend known as a
palomino. He’s a Tennessee Walker and absolutely beautiful in the
summer. I didn’t always love horses. A realtor of mine had a horse and
he let me ride…I haven’t stopped since.


Here’s a good one: I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. I’m the youngest of 9 Kids…so yes, everyone thinks I’m the spoiled brat...of course they are completely wrong (he he).  But honestly, despite the normal bickering of siblings, we are a close bunch of kids (now adults) and it’s a blessing to have such a large family.


Tammi Terrell the SingerLast but not least, YES, my mom named me after the singer Tammi Terrell.
Tammi Terrell died at a very early age but made her mark as a vocalist.
She was also the other half of Marvin Gay in many duets.