Local Business Listing

Try our 100% manual local business citation submission service. Our production team will manually build your business citations in local country specific directories including NAP (name, address, and phone number) information which will provide long lasting value for local SEO.  You will obtain Live links and a screenshot submission report.

What if my business is already listed in a directory?
We'll check for existing listings in the directories we are submitting to and avoid any where accurate information on your business already exists.

How many submissions will result in live placements?
Upon completion, expect around 25% of instant live directory listings. Different directory websites will have different rules regarding acceptance and you may be subject to a longer review process which may also include the directory verifying business details with the owners via phone, email or letter. This will, of course, increase the length of time a placement may get accepted and will also require the full cooperation of the business owner (i.e you or your client). We simply don’t guarantee all submissions will result in a live placement because of these variables but we do provide you with a full submission report which shows screenshots of any submission that may not have resulted in an instant live placement.

Can I see all my listings?
Yes, we'll provide a full live link and screenshot submission report which you can download in an unbranded CSV ready for white labelling to show your client.

What if I need to make a change to a listing?
We provide all the account information and log in details we used to create your listing. Simply log in and follow the directories process to edit a listing.

How many directories will allow a website link?
Not all citations will allow website links (less than 50%) and the ones that do may be nofollow. The value of this service is ensuring a consistent NAP mention of your business as search engines may use this to verify the location of a business.